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For all Types of Asphalt Mixes


In times of constantly increasing cost pressure and growing environmental awareness, the high-quality reuse of surfacing asphalt is an ideal way to combine these two aspects without compromising the quality and thus the durability of asphalt pavements. JRS has created a solution for this challenge:

VIATOP® plus RC - A highly effective combination product of cellulose fiber and rejuvenator for increased addition of surfacing asphalt in all types of mix.

VIATOP® plus RC at a glance:

  • Real rejuvenation of the aged binder 
  • A green product 
  • High efficiency 
  • Increase in the rate of reuse in all types of mix 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Conservation of natural resources 
  • Use of the dosing technology for fibre pellets from the Big Bag
  • No investment in additional tanks

VIATOP® plus RC – the best way to a successful and high quality reuse of RAP.

Viatop plus rc, The pellet with the plus of functional RC additive

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