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Smoking Chips Range

The Natural Quality Smoking Agent

For best cost efficiency, better end products and optimized system operation.

Certified top quality according to ISO, HACCP.

Natural Smoking Variety for New Product Ideas

Aroma Smoking Chips from

Cherry wood

› Cherry wood

Smoke note: Mild with a fruity nuance.


› Beech

The 'smoking classic'

Alder wood

› Alder wood

Smoke note: Mild with a sweetish nuance


› Oak

The 'regional note'


› Spruce / Pine

'Schwarzwälder Type'

Friction Logs

› Friction Logs

In premium quality

Flavours from Nature

RÄUCHERGOLD® – The Successful Solution


Quality, taste and the optical features of smoked products essentially depend on the smoking agents used. The same is true for smooth system operation.

RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chips offer best quality and smoking features.

There is a reason why RÄUCHERGOLD® products have been highly appreciated by smokehouses, butchers, meat and fish industries for its uniquely fine smoke taste.

The RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chip program was developed in cooperation with the smoking system industry from practical concerns and for practice:

Therefore, all leading smoke system manufacturers recommend RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chips to their customers for a perfect smoking result and best, interference-free system operation. 

Higher cost Efficiency

  • Shorter smoking times
  • Lower loss of weight in the end product
  • optimized system operation

Optimized System Operation

  • Shorter machine runtimes lead to a higher useful smoking system capacity
  • Longer intervals between system cleanings
  • Decrease soot development
  • Less effort and costs for cleaning agents, personnel and water/sewage
  • Shorter system downtimes
  • Preserving system operation
  • Lower repair expenses

Improved Environmental Values

  • Optimized smoking process for less emissions
  • Reduced energy demand 
  • Less cleaning agents and water/sewage is required

Better Endproduct Quality

  • Tested quality with certified quality management for safety in the production chain

Decades of Market Experience Tell. RÄUCHERGOLD® - The Successful Solution

Advantages Leading to Better end Products:

  • RÄUCHERGOLD® – reflects a constantly high quality.
  • RÄUCHERGOLD® is highly smoke active.
  • RÄUCHERGOLD® gives your meat and sausages an appealing, appetising colour.
  • With a moisture content of approx. 13 %, RÄUCHERGOLD® chips offer a truly excellent smouldering behaviour.
  • RÄUCHERGOLD® is delivered highly dry, free of dust and in different grains. Quality is on a consistently high level, stable throughout the series.
  • The goods are packed in practical PE bags suitable for long-term storage.
  • You have a great selection of RÄUCHERGOLD® types and sorts with different specifications: 

This enables yout to control the smoking process in a differentiated fashion according to your individual requirements and ideas.

Smoking chips

Certified Quality

Country of Origin: Nature

For RÄUCHERGOLD® products, only selected natural woods, primarily beech, from domestic forests are used. This ensures best quality from natural resources.

We are complying with the green idea: our resources are from sustainable forestry.

The beech wood trunks used are prepared in a special procedure. The wood is cut up, fractioned into different grains, de-dusted, cleaned and dried.

Unique in the field of smoking chips are retraceability of the lot no. as well as external and internal tests resp. lab analyses of our materials.

Certified Quality:

For first-class end products and a more efficient, smooth production. This makes the great difference!

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • HACCP-Production
  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 energy management system
  • HALAL Certificate
  • KOSHER Certificate

Cost Efficiency

Saving Money Where it Counts:

Smoking Chips Cost Share

A typical calculation example from experience shows a frequent thinking error: Only scarcely 0.1 % of the costs of the end product are caused by the smoking material.  

Even small errors in this area can, however, lead to great loss at the end product or have a great effect on the costs of the overall manufacturing process.

Save money by using high-quality certified RÄUCHERGOLD® smoking materials and avoid unpredictable risks in production and Calculation !

Avoid Risks:

Contaminated or moldy smoking material must never be used for smoking.

Contamination with mold leads to a sweet, moldy, carbolic taste. At the same time, the smoke will introduce fungus spores and (aerobic spore forming) germs into the smoke chamber.

Wood waste like saw dust or shavings may contain toxins, e.g. from glue, preservatives or pesticides. The consequences of any introduction of toxins or undesired effects on smell or taste will make consumption of the smoked products impossible.

The consequences of any introduction of toxins or undesired effects on smell or taste will make consumption of the smoked products impossible.

If the smoking chips are too fine and moist, a sharp, bluish smoke with an increased tar content results. This is caused by a too slow smoking process at a too low temperature. The smoked goods may be covered with a layer of soot.

State of the art smoke systems suffer from the resulting contamination. High cleaning and downtime costs, that will by far exceed those of the smoking chips, as well as air extraction and increased end product complaints are the expensive consequences of this!

Smoking chips

Delivered on Euro Pallets Standard Single Pallet:

  • Standard Euro palett: 42 bags, pallet net weight: 630 kg. 
  • Standard Euro palett: 48 bags, pallet net weight: 720 kg. 
  • Double palett: 2 x 21 bags, pallet net weight 2 x 315 kg. 
  • 2 Big Bags à 400 kg on one pallet each,  palett net weight: 800 kg. 
  • Alternatively: bulk in a silo truck.

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