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Glues and Adhesives

Natural fillers and additives for adhesives

JRS offers plant-derived additives to optimize the rheology of water-based adhesives. 

Examples are cellulose fibers and ethers, fiber gels or alginates. 

Use them to influence the following properties in a sustainable way:

  • Biodegradable fillers 
  • Rheology and thixotropy
  • Prolonged open time 
  • Increased thermal stability
  • Decreased shrinkage and crack formation
  • Avoid settling of fillers
  • Increased breathability
  • Silica replacement

One application example is glued laminated timber. This product is used for high-load bearing purposes, such as the construction of buildings. ARBOCEL® cellulose fibers are contributing to an uniform and clean application of the glue on the timber, as well as it is filling gaps and reinforcing the glue.

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