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Plant-based Material Solutions

Cellulose, Lignocellulose, Fiber Gels, Cellulose Derivates, Fiber Additives and Hydrocolloids

Cellulose Fibers and Lignocellulose Fibers      

Cellulose fibers - ARBOCEL®


ARBOCEL® cellulose fibers are obtained from plant-based and partially recycled raw materials. Various functions result in the most diverse applications depending on the raw material basis and properties like fiber length or particle structure. Examples are micro cellulose and ultra-fine cellulose, cellulose granulates or microcrystalline cellulose. 

Fibers for food contact - ARBOCEL®

Fibers for food contact - ARBOCEL®

Discover our new ARBOCEL® fibers for food contact. The natural plant fibers are derived from softwood and available in several particle sizes. Use the advantages of natural plant functionality and looks together with guaranteed food contact approval.

Wood fibers – LIGNOCEL® and ARBOCEL®


Wood fibers of the brand LIGNOCEL® and ARBOCEL®  are produced from hard- or softwood and are provided in different particle sizes and particle structures. The strict quality parameters of JRS guarantee a uniform process- and product safety. 


ARBOCEL® PLUS - Fiber-bound paper additives

ARBOCEL® PLUS / ARBOCEL® /LIGNOCEL® as carrier fiber.

Fixation of additives (liquid/solid) on the carrier fiber.


  • ARBOCEL® PLUS STRENGTH as strength additive
  • ARBOCEL® PLUS AKD as sizing additive
  • ARBOCEL® PLUS FC for oil/grease resistance

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ARBOCEL® CE is a water-soluble hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC). Aqueous systems of this cellulose ether can increase the viscosity and form gels upon heating. A special property of ARBOCEL® CE is the reversibility of this thermal gelation. ARBOCEL® CE products are mainly defined by the degree of substitutions (DS) and the viscosity. Thereby thickening of mixtures can be regulated and different gelling points can be achieved.

Fiber gels 

ARBOCEL® Fiber gels


ARBOCEL® MCG - MicroCrystalline Cellulose Gel. 

After activation by shearing forces ARBOCEL® MCGs build up 3-D networks with the ability to stabilize dispersions/emulsion.

MCGs show unique properties such as e.g. a strong thixotropy, a strong temperature tolerance and the ability to prevent syneresis.


Alginate, natural hydrocolloid from brown algae - Production of water insoluble, temperature stable gels

A natural hydrocolloid extracted from brown algae with excellent rheological properties.

Among other hydrocolloids, alginates differ in their capacity to react with calcium ions and other di- or trivalent ions. By this reaction the rheology changes and the state of aggregation changes from liquid to solid.

Therefore water insoluble, temperature stable gels and films can be produced. For example, foils with barrier properties or protective coatings which are suitable for the food industry can be prepared.

The sudden conversion into a cut-resistant gel, to a frozen condition is also conceivable. This is used, for example, to shape ceramic spheres or to encapsulate active substances.

The processing is carried out by immersion, spray or co-extrusion method as well as microencapsulation. 

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