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Healthy and sustainable - 
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Cosmetic Cellulose −
The new ingredient for the Cosmetic Industry 

JRS Animal Nutrition offers high quality raw fiber concentrates

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Fiber  Solutions

Functional fibers

JRS Fiber Solutions

Various applications for cellulose fiber based additives and fillers

Contract services for special projects with diverse requirements

Better. Green. Intelligent. Cellulose filter aids for precoat filtration

Functional, organic fiber for modern construction chemistry

VIATOP® - our product group for bituminized fiber pellets and fiber additive pellets

High quality wood fiber products in many applications of modern technology

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Consumer Products

Applications for end-user

Consumer Products

Katzenstreu, Kleintierstreu, Kleintierbett, Hundestreu, Pferdeboxeneinstreu 

Das JRS-Kompetenz-Einstreu-Programm

BBQ Aromaräuchern −
qualitativ hochwertige Rohfaserkonzentrate

100 % aus der Region −
Direkt vom Hersteller

Die optimale Kombination aus 2/3 unlöslichen und 1/3 löslichen Ballaststoffen

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