Natural plant fibers from renewable resources

Functional Ingredients, Hydrocolloide

Highly Functional, for Better Product Reliability and Consumer-Oriented Features

Alginates for food production

New developments in the dairy and delicatessen area require highly functional, cost-efficient and easy to use ingredients for heat protection, such as thickeners, fat replacers, stabilizers, or gelling agents. Products based on organic raw materials have an advantage in this regards and can score on several functionality levels.

Alginates for sweet and savory dishes

In addition to classic food fibers the product portfolio includes the colloidal systems developed by JRS, which are part of the VITACEL® and VIVAPUR® family as well as VIVAPUR® Methylcellulose (MC) and VIVAPUR® Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) as cellulose-based hydrocolloids.

Thanks to their inclusion in the cellulose family and innovative multi-functionality they fit excellently into the JRS overall food portfolio. 

VIVAPUR® Alginates, Pectins, Taragum extend the JRS product family.

Natural plant fibers as thickening agent

As an alternative alginate or pectin producer, the constantly expanding JRS group of companies offers safe secondary sources and specific special products for many fields of application.

Of particular interest are individual compounds – tailored to customer-specific requirements.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail!  

VIVAPUR® Microcrystalline Cellulose Gel (MCG) Collodial MCC
Wheat Fiber Gel
Vivapur mc


Applications focuses for colloidal systems
Particle stabilisation Chocolate, soy and cereal drinks, cream and non-dairy whipped cream
Thermal stability Bake stable fillings and products
Foam Stability Mousse desserts, cream and non-dairy whipped cream, ice cream
Fat replacement Dairy and delicatessen products, meat products


Applications focuses for HPMC and MC
Thermal gelling Gluten-free bread and bakery products, formed potato products, formed vegetable products, formed meat and fish products with low protein content
Surface activity Mousse desserts, ice cream, non-dairy whipped cream

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