Fibers Designed by Nature

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The Innovative JRS Plant Fiber Technology

Highly Functional Plant Fiber Products for all Areas of Life! 
Nature offers an almost inexhaustible reservoir of usable functions that have always been present in the plant world. Each plant species has its own outstanding, individual characteristics. The innovative, 'green' JRS future technology uses these valuable functions and properties and opens them up to all areas of life and modern industry.

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Life Science
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JRS Fiber Solutions
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In times of a growing world population, we consider ourselves to be pioneers of a modern world worth living in, which offers all people access to healthier nutrition, globally available medicine and resource-saving, environmentally friendly industrial production.

JRS goes 'green'

JRS Sets Standards for Global Problem Solutions
JRS weltweit
JRS weltweit

At Home All Over the World.
As a production and technology partner to industry worldwide, JRS guarantees short distances and perfect service.

More than 3500 Employees at over 90 JRS Production and Distribution Locations!

Global Production and Service Network

A Global Network Concept for Continuous Availability and Perfect Service all Around the World

4th generation: CEO Josef Otto Rettenmaier
4th generation: CEO Josef Otto Rettenmaier

"We see the innovative 'green functions' as the technology of the future with prospects."

Josef Otto Rettenmaier, 

Nature, Tradition, Future, Sustainability.

We Stand for Safety, Reliability, Nature, Tradition, Future and Sustainability

Owner-Managed Family Business with International Orientation

As an independent, owner-managed family business group with a clear goal orientation, we pursue a long-term reliable development strategy based on sustainability, security and partnership.

A spirit of inventiveness and close customer relations has shaped JRS for more than 140 years. What began in 1878 with the acquisition of an oil and grain mill has developed into one of the world's leading groups of companies involved in organic fibers

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JRS - a traditional family business in the 5th generation!

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Sustainable and future-proof.
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An attractive employer with many advantages and perspectives.

Logo mit Blatt
Logo mit Blatt

Our claim: Responsible use of natural resources.

Into the Future with a Clear Conscience

The ‚Green‘ Concept

In times of a growing world population, we consider ourselves to be pioneers of a modern world worth living in, which offers all people access to healthier nutrition, globally available medicine and resource-saving, environmentally friendly industrial production.

JRS Vision
JRS Vision

JRS goes 'green'

JRS products are based on the idea of the natural cycle of materials.

JRS zukunftsorientiert
JRS zukunftsorientiert


Good conscience for a worthwhile, better future!

Nachhaltig und fair
Nachhaltig und fair


Certified sustainability - produced from renewable, plant-based raw materials.



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