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Overview JRS Plant Fiber Products

To simplify the overview, we have collected an alphabetically organised compilation of the JRS Products, based on all our applications.

From Fibers we Create Diversity

JRS's global orientation requires a wide range of products and applications for our fibers. Among them are a multitude of unique products. With our 'green' JRS cellulose and plant fiber technology, we see ourselves as the technology and world market leader.

Our raw Materials:

  • Various native wood species
  • Cereals and fruit plants
  • Raw celluloses
  • Seaweed
  • Customized raw materials

Refurbishment and Modification:

Chemical and mechanical processing methods (special mill technology)

Special product lines are available for the food sector that fulfill nutritional-physiological tasks.

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Natural plant fibers for various applications in food production

I.   Overview JRS Basic Products

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II.  Applied/Function Based Product Overview

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