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Applications for Meat Products

FIBER UP Your World!

Natural plant fibers for versatile applications in the food industry
Natural plant fibers for versatile applications in the food industry
Minced Meat
Natural plant fibers as additives for sausage and meat products
Boiled Sausages
JRS dietary fibres with many possibilities
Natural plant fibers for meat production
Fermented Sausages

The 2 Pillars of the JRS Toolbox:  

VITACEL®   Dietary Fibers                                   
VIVAPUR®  Functional Ingredients

Made from re-growing, natural plant raw materials. 

Healthy. Tasty. Natural. Sustainable. Safe.

Take Benefit of Our Know-How and Our Many Years of Experience!

We would be pleased to advise you competently and in detail about your individual tasks. Take advantage of our knowledge of manufacturers and applications in the world of food fibers and functional systems made of renewable, plant-based raw materials.  

Our application team provides support in word and deed in the development of your individual application solution - in our application laboratories and pilot plants, economically optimized, consumer-oriented solutions are created in close cooperation with our customers.   

Vegan Meat Alternatives

Vegan Meat Alternatives – The Texture makes the Difference
With VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients and VITACEL® Dietary Fiber

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