Bituminous Products



ARBOCEL® Grades Used

The grades most commonly used in the bitumen sector are:

  • ARBOCEL ® ZZ 8-1 G and
  • ARBOCEL ® ZZC 500

When used as an asbestos replacement, 30 % to maximum 50 % by weight of the asbestos quantity previously used is usually sufficient.

ARBOCEL ® cellulose fibers result in:

  • Greater thickening
  • Extremely good slump resistance even in hot environments (over 90°C)
  • Good workability


Guidance Notes

  • The shorter the average fiber length of the ARBOCEL® grade, the smoother the surface of the finished product
  • If dissolvers are used, we recommend that the fibers be added at the end of the blending process
  • With moderate to low-viscosity cold bitumen compounds, sedimentation may occur. This can be inhibited by stabilizers such as magnesium coated silicates or pyrogenic silicic acids.
  • In the case of bitumen systems that are applied by airless spray, the correct  ARBOCEL® grade for the nozzle size must be used to prevent clogging.


ARBOCEL ® in Bituminous Systems 

  • Vibration dampening pads
  • Expansion Bands
  • Filler compounds / putty (Note:  ARBOCEL® is usually used only in medium and high-viscosity systems)
  • Medium and high-viscosity spray and brush-applied compounds
  • Roof coatings (with or without aluminum)



In general when ARBOCEL® is used in bitumen emulsions it must be ensured that the ARBOCEL® is added in small portions to the bitumen emulsion while stirring. (If too much ARBOCEL® is added, the bitumen emulsion can separate and form clumps). The rest of the materials can then be added and blended.

ARBOCEL® cannot be used in cationic bitumen emulsions

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All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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