Functional Dietary Fibers, Raw Fiber Concentrates

VITACEL® are functional nutritional plant fibers and dietary fibers, which are produced in the best quality from fruit, vegetable and cereal raw materials. They serve both nutritional-physiological tasks and functional requirements in the food industry.

As a solution provider with application and recipe support, QA and worldwide logistics, JRS provides all the necessary components to successfully represent health, functionality, efficiency and safety in the food industry.

The VITACEL® product series include e.g. apple fiber, oat fiber, wheat fiber, psyllium/flea seed, potato fiber, pea fiber, raw fiber concentrates in various specifications - optimally adapted to a wide range of application tasks.

As the world's largest supplier of dietary fibres, JRS represents system and technology partnership with the modern, quality-conscious food industry.

JRS has acquired a high level of product and application expertise, especially in the field of insoluble grain fiber.

Fields of application VITACEL® Dietary Fibers, Raw Fiber Concentrates


› Food

The position as world market leader as well as decades of experience in the production of insulated dietary fibers give JRS the necessary know-how for innovative & unique dietary fiber solutions.


› Cosmetics

Divided into the categories Natural Exfoliants and Effect Powders, the VITACEL® product range serves as softeners, texturizers & specialties. They are also used as exfoliants - spheres & scrubs - a green alternative to the use of polyethylene in cosmetics.

Animal Nutrition

› Animal Nutrition

VITACEL® raw fiber concentrates for young animals like piglets and calves. Product line based on cellulosic fiber that are especially well tolerated by the sensitive gastrointestinal tract of young animals.

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