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Less Feather Pecking

Feather pecking in poultry is a multifactorial problem. Beside nutrient deficiencies, a lack of insoluble fiber can cause feather pecking because of its influence on the gastrointestinal health, as feathers have fiber like effect on gizzard activity. Factors that can positively influence feather pecking include feeding strategies – With ARBOCEL® it is possible to address problem herds, were other strategies fail.

Fighting Wet Litter Problems

One of the main challenges in today’s poultry production is the occurrence of wet litter and the harms related to it. Feces quality has a main impact on the wet litter and also the occurrence of dirty eggs. Especially the fibrillated structure of the ARBOCEL® has an influence on the ability for the gut to remove water from the digesta, which finally leads to dryer and less sticky feces. 

Better Flock Uniformity

In pullet rearing the supreme discipline is to manage the herd to an even development. Especially for broiler breeder, where hunger stress generates competitive behavior in feed intake, this can be a real challenge. The insoluble fiber ARBOCEL® supports the gizzard filling, while the breakdown of the nutrients is supported. This results in a longer time spend for feed intake and a better flock uniformity.

Gut Development

Especially the laying phase is a tough period where the hens need all energy and nutrients for the production of eggs. A good gastrointestinal development is the basis for a good digestibility. The bulky and insoluble fiber ARBOCEL® supports the development of the gizzard and prepares the birds for the production period. 

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