Natural Dairy Whipping Cream

Dairy Whipping Cream

with VIVAPUR® MCG 30 F

10 Good Reasons
  • For extra-long shelf life products
  • Safe and stable performance
  • Excellent suspension properties
  • Easy to use
  • Natural mouthfeel
  • Improved stability of the whipped cream
  • Prevents syneresis
  • Neutral flavor and odor
  • White and opaque color
  • Accelerated new product development

The whipping properties of natural dairy whipping cream depend mainly on fat content and the size of the fat globules. The bigger the fat globules, the better the whipping properties. For this reason, this type of cream is not or is only very gently homogenized. To avoid creaming and separation over time the implementation of a strong internal network is needed, preventing fat globules from moving and aggregation. 

Colloidal MCC (cMCC) is the perfect stabilizing system as it provides extremely strong networks with phenomenal shelf life performance. Colloidal MCC normally requires high pressure homogenization for the activation of its stabilizing function. However, the required homogenization of the cream cannot be applied without compromising the quality of the final whipping cream.

For cases like this, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne (JRS) has developed a brand new grade of cMCC called VIVAPUR® MCG 30 F. The most significant difference to all other grades of cMCC is an extremely easy activation. It can almost be considered as an “instant grade” while offering the highest gel strength, easiest activation and smooth flow behavior at the same time.
Due to its independence from most processing and recipe parameters, VIVAPUR® MCG 30 F maintains its functionality throughout the duration of long shelf life products. This makes it the perfect solution for export oriented dairy companies.

The Food Technology & Nutrition Center develop continuously innovative recipes ideas. Working in state of the art laboratories with pilot project systems, the team is able to put their extensive knowledge and expertise to work to fulfill your formulation needs.

Ice cream with whipping cream
Black Forest Cake
Whipping Cream
VIVAPUR® MCG 30 F opens new fields of possible applications and new chances for improving existing ones. Let's explore them together.

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