LIGNOCEL® Functional Quality Wood Fiber Products, Lignocellulose

With the LIGNOCEL® wood fiber/ lignocellulose product lines, JRS wishes to satisfy the promise of high quality and function. In countless industrial applications around the globe, these functional helpers successfully carry out important tasks in production, process or product characteristics.

Versatile functionality – designed by nature.

Individual specifications are available within the LIGNOCEL® product line of wooden fibers and lignocellulose in a number of variations: from different types of wood, softwood, hardwood, sawdust, fine powders, wooden fibers, wood fiber granulates, wood fiber compounds, wood pellets, wood fiber compactates, wood fiber additives, functional fibers and much more.  

Our product and application experts will be pleased to advise you about the function, specification and application of the available forms!

Learn more about the many functions and fields of application of LIGNOCEL® wood fibers/lignocelluloses:

LIGNOCEL® Wood Fiber/ Lignocellulose - Fields of Application

Fibers for construction chemical products

› Construction chemistry

Fibers for chemical building products serve many applications in construction chemistry, such as e.g. paintable woodchip surface coatings, magnesite-bonded screeds, paper waste, etc.

Cellulose filter aids for intelligent and green precoat filtration

› Filtration

Natural fiber materials made from perennial plants. Particularly economical, unbleached and available in numerous grain sizes. Supplemented by the range of high performance filtration cellulose products.

Fillers and Structure-Providers

› Fillers and structure-providers

Materials made of wooden fibers are first-class structure providers, fillers, carriers and admixture products in many technical applications.

Wood and cellulose fibers for thermoplastics, elastomers and duroplastics

› Plastics

Wooden fibers serve as high-quality, functional fillers in classical WPC (wood-like plastic / wood plastic composites) applications.

Metal Industry

› Metal industry

Hard and soft wood products are used in different processes for surface finishing.

Seed pilling

›  Seed pelleting

Wooden fibers are excellent for pelleting flower and vegetable seeds as well as for sugar beet seeds. 

Cat's Best Innovative functional ideas of JRS plant fiber technology

› Animal hygiene

Only natural plant fibers from selected, native types of wood are used in the JRS quality products.

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