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Fibers for Seed Pelleting


LIGNOCEL® wood fibers are exceptionally well suited for the coating of flower and vegetable or sugar beet seeds. 

During the process, the seeds are treated with a specific substance which in addition to fungicides and pesticides is, for the most part, made from LIGNOCEL® wood fibers.

Our fibrillated LIGNOCEL® wood fibers have the following advantages:

  • Outstanding coating behavior due to the elastic and moisture-balancing fibers
  • Outstanding water and oxygen transport allowing an even germination
  • Through fiber reinforcement seeds are more resistant to mechanical stresses
  • The seeds have a rounded shape, are exactly calibrated and are thus easy to load in individual seeders.

We have many different types of ARBOCEL® cellulose fibers in our program for the coating of flower and vegetable seeds.

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