Pectins and Alginates

Intelligent Solutions with Alginates and Pectins

VIVAPUR® Alginates:

The JRS Alginate range performs an essential functional role in a wide variety of food products. Derived from a rich field of brown algae seaweed just off the coast of French Brittany , these speciality products, sold under the name VIVAPUR® Alginate, comprise thickening and gelling agents which add viscosity, texture and stability required for individual applications.

All alginate production takes place at our plant in Landerneau, France, where the main raw material is the brown algae Laminaria digitata. The seaweed grows in continental shelf and is mechanically harvested by small fishing boats that are able to manoeuvre in the rocky waters off the coastline.

Years of experience lie behind the technology used to extract the alginic acid from the seaweed. Following extraction, the acid is converted into sodium alginate or a series of other salts of alginic acid, each with their own special properties for the use in a wide range of food applications.

European production standards
  • Best in class safety practices
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • e.g. ISO 9001, BRC, ISO 14001
Sustainable seaweed harvest
  • Supervision of sustainable harvest by public organisation 
  • National harvest regulations
  • Restricted areas and harvesting campaigns
  • Short transport routes to the plant in Landerneau for optimal product quality
Natural based hydrocolloid
  • No treatment with organic solvents like alcohol
  • Label friendly
  • Soluble dietary fiber
  • Outstanding consumer acceptance

VIVAPUR® Alginates for:

  • General food applications (cream, desserts, restructured fruits like pimento stripes,...)
  • Baker's custards
  • Ice cream
  • Bakery fruit fillings
  • White Cheese
  • Low-fat spreads
  • Meat applications
  • Fat Replacement

VIVAPUR® Alginates  of JRS are available in different versions with different properties and vis­cosities, depending on the requirement and defined objectives. This opens up new horizons for innovative product uses, new developments or problem solving.   

Our comprehensive application and development ser­vice supports fast adaptation and product intro­duction. Specific preparation of recipes and practical implementation are possible in our Food Technology and Nutrition Center.

VIVAPUR® ALGINATE - Versatile hydrocolloids

VIVAPUR® Alginates Product Overview – Applications / Benefits / Products

VIVAPUR® ALGINATE - Fillings for Bakery

VIVAPUR® FB Stabilizer Systems for Bakery Fillings – creates excellent bake stability for your fruit fillings

VIVAPUR® ALGINATE CH 1000 - White Cheese

VIVAPUR® Alginates for White Cheese products – Achieve higher yield in White Cheese products without compromising flavor or texture.

Pastry with jam
Danish pastry

VIVAPUR® Pectins:

JRS offers a full range of high quality pectins under the registered name VIVAPUR®, including high methoxyl pectin, low methoxyl amidated pectin and low methoxyl conventional pectin, obtained from selected citrus peels. The VIVAPUR® Pectin range is produced by JRS Silvateam Ingredients in southern Italy (Rende) in a state of the art facility. A high level of customer support is made possible by our extensive expertise and in house research capabilities, our broad application knowledge and creativity. 

Pectin is a versatile biopolymer which can be found in the cell walls of all higher plants. Pectin has only been produced industrially since the early part of the twen­tieth century, but has long been used traditionally for gelling jams. Today, pectin also acts as a gelling agent in a wide variety of fruit based products, such as fruit preparations for yogurts and desserts as well as fruit fillings for bakery products. Pectin plays an important role in improving the mouthfeel and flavor release while acting as protein stabilizer in acidic protein drinks.

Outstanding consumer acceptance
  • Natural-based ingredient with positive image
  • Vegan alternative
  • Soluble dietary fiber
  • Excellent flavor release
  • Secures shelf-life stability
European production standards
  • Stringent quality standards
  • ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC
  • Halal and Kosher certified
Customer oriented texturizing solutions
  • Tailored pectin solutions
  • Wide range of combined plant-based texturizing
  • Solutions with synergistic benefit
  • High level of customer support providing competence and technical comfort throughout the life cycle of the product

VIVAPUR® Pectins for:

  • Jams and Fruit Spreads
  • Confectionary
  • Dairy Products
  • Glazes & Toppings
  • Fruit Beverages
  • Fillings & Fruit Preparations for Bakery Products

We are dedicated to the development and production of novel vegetable based texturizing solutions with high consumer acceptance to respond to the increasing demand for label friendly food ingredients. Our commitment is to help you to improve your product's quality, shelf life, process technology and cost effectiveness, and to provide stimuli, ideas and solutions for innovation. 

Our comprehensive application and development service supports fast adaption and product introduction.


VIVAPUR® Pectins Product Overview – Applications / Benefits / Products


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