VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Range

VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Range

VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Range is an optimized functional system for Baker's custard cream. Works in instant systems as well for "ready to use" products.


VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Range

10 Good Reasons
  • Easy to use in cold-processed baker's custard
  • Excellent freeze / thaw stability
  • Boost baking stability / heat stability
  • Improves texture and mouthfeel, tailor made to customer's requirements
  • Usable cold, with milk or dairy powders
  • Shear reversible systems for "ready to use" applications 
  • Gelatine free formulations
  • Time saving compared to single ingredients
  • Constant, controlled quality for your secured production
  • Technical support for product development, recipe adjustment and process implementation

Exemplary Formulation with Vivapur® Alginate BC 4301

Ingredients Standard % Variation %
Icing sugar 13.7 14.7
Modified starch (E 1414) 8.0 6.0
Whole milk powder 3.0 3.0
Whey powder 3.0 3.0
Flavor and color 0.3 0.3
Water 72.0 72.0
TOTAL 100.00 100.00

Applied JRS products: 

* VIVAPUR® Alginate BC 4301: sodium alginate, sugar, dicalcium phosphate, tetrasodium diphosphate 


1. Blend all dry ingredients.

2. Disperse dry blend into water and stir (e.g. with a wire whisk, Hobart or KitchenAid) and stir until the mass is smooth and homogeneous.

3. Fill into a piping bag and apply as desired (e.g. on cookies or pastry).

4. Before baking, a resting time of at least 30 min is recommended.

5. Bake at 200 °C (deck oven) for approx. 12 min.


VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Range.

Different textures and range of bake stabilities according to customers request available.
Objective target Bakers custard
Aim Easy to prepare, cold soluble. Large span of texture (from smooth to firm) and of texture development (from rapid to slow). Provides bake stability and freeze/thaw stability
Appearance creamy-white to yellowish powder
Usage Level 0.6 - 1.2 %
How to Use Mix well with other ingredients and dissolve in cold liquid under agitation
Taste and Odour neutral

VIVAPUR® Alginates from JRS

Made in Europe – High Standards - High Quality

"Made in Europe" JRS production plant is located in Landerneau in Brittany / France. The raw material is coming directly from the French Atlantic coast.
European standards for food regulation Europe is one of the strictest continents with regard to Food Safety Regulations and of course our products are fully in line with them.
European standards for employment rights Our employees enjoy all labour rights according to European standards.
European standards for environment protection Protection of the environment is essential with any European production.
All kind of quality & safety certificates ISO 9001, BRC, ISO 14001, Kosher, Halal and more.
Decades of experience Our plant in Landerneau is operating since more than 50 years already. Some employees are working there for more than 35 years.

Product safety – Food safety

Made in Europe – High Standards - High Quality

Product safety as a must within EU All VIVAPUR® Alginate products are fulfilling the strict European food laws so they are EU approved additives according to EU regulation.
No alcoholic precipitation All VIVAPUR® Alginates are pure extracts without any treatment of alcohol. {NOTICE: JRS Alginates are inline with the very strict limits of the EU regulatory for solvents like ethanol, methanol, iso-propanol and other - Be on the safe site!}

Sustainable Harvest & Production

Fresh Seaweed and short transport routes Using of fresh seaweed directly from the Brittany coast ensures the shortest possible transport routes and an immediate direct use in production.
Controlled harvesting areas Our fields of seaweed are strictly controlled and monitored by the local French authorities to ensure sustainability.
Special licence only for selected harvest boats available There are only selected fishing boats with special licences in order to avoid any overharvesting.
European standards for environment Protection of the environment is a must with any European production. The seaweed harvest is very strict monitored from both independent official and NGO organisations. Both sides confirm that there are no negative impacts on the marine ecosystem of the designated harvest areas.
Long term contracts with fishermen JRS plant Landerneau has long termed contracts with local fishermen in order to back up their business and long term sustainability.
Nearly a “zero waste” production The remainings from the seaweed is used in agricultures within the nearer area of Landerneau. Again, shortest possible transportation distance. Any side product from production are either re-used or recycled within very intensive processing steps.
Own water purification unit JRS plant Landerneau has its own water purification unit with huge capacities. At the end of the process we use our own waste water treatment to return water in excellent quality to the nature. Also this is very strictly monitored from local French authorities.
Employment in the local area JRS plant Landerneau ensures > 70 direct workplaces in Landerneau plus dozen additionally for the raw material supply. JRS is therefore an important employer in the region.

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