VITACEL® Citrus Fiber

VITACEL® Citrus Fiber

VITACEL® Citrus Fiber is an off-white powder with neutral sensory. It is a plant based ingredient obtained from 100% citrus peel based on an entire utilization concept. The dietary fiber consists of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, that make up a total of >75 %.

  • Sustainably produced from a by-product of the juice industry
  • Plant-based ingredient with consumer-friendly labeling and high consumer acceptance
  • Dietary fiber with high intestinal tolerability
  • Suitable for fiber enrichment, fat and sugar reduction
  • Allergen-free, halal and kosher declaration
  • Easy handling due to cold processability
  • Improvement of texture, mouthfeel and viscosity of the final product
  • High efficiency with an attractive cost versus use ratio
  • Support of emulsion stability
VITACEL® Citrus Fiber

Technological added value – VITACEL® Citrus Fiber gives foods reliable stability

The particularly pronounced ability to bind water and support the emulsion stability are key functional features of VITACEL® Citrus Fiber that set it apart from other plant-based fibers. Activation of the fiber by kinetic energy that disperses the fiber enhances its ability to absorb water. This permits VITACEL® Citrus Fiber to be used as a stabilizer and moisture retention agent to improve viscosity and form stability, mouthfeel and other sensory characteristics in food and beverages. VITACEL® Citrus Fiber shows a hydrophilic and hydrophobic behavior and supports the stability of oil in water emulsions by the formation of a three dimensional network of soluble and insoluble fibers. An ideal feature to contribute to stability in dressings or meat substitutes.

VITACEL® Citrus fiber gives foods reliable stability

Nutritional added value - VITACEL® Citrus Fiber fits the health trend

Key features of VITACEL® Citrus Fiber used for food product development also have positive impact on metabolic processes. The fiber has the potential to lower cholesterol levels by increasing the viscosity of the chyme. Based on similar principles, it positively affects the glycemic index of foods and blood glucose metabolism.

These are just a few examples of various health effects of dietary fiber that make an adequate intake of at least 25 g per day so important. VITACEL® Citrus Fiber also offers nutritional advantages through fiber enrichment and sugar or fat reduction without affecting sensory attributes.

It is an optimal solution for consumers looking for short and easy-to-understand lists of ingredients and healthy product options with high nutritional value that support healthier lifestyles.
The sustainable manufacturing process from a by-product of juice and essential oil production underlines its natural image.

As a labeling option, the descriptive name “citrus fiber” can be applied to underline its botanical source and nutritive benefit. Its legal name “liquid pectin” can be found in Art. 3 (2)(a)(iv) of reg. (EC) No 1333/2008.
Please consider country-specific regulations for food.

Application examples

  • Dairy products and dairy alternatives:
    yogurt, cream cheese, desserts, ice cream, sorbet, spreads
  • Meat products and meat alternatives:
    sausage spreads, burger patties
  • Sauces and condiments:
    sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato paste, dressings
  • Bakery:
    (bake-stable) fruit fillings, custards, bread, pastry
  • Beverages:
    juices, smoothies
VITACEL® Citrus Fiber - Application examples

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Brochure Citrus Fiber
Technical Brochure CF in White Bread
Technical Brochure CF in vegan Joghurt
Technical Brochure CF in Ketchup
Technical Brochure CF in Salad Cream
Technical Brochure CF in vegan Chicken
Technical Brochure CF in Sponge Cake
Technical Brochure CF in Liver Paté


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