Solutions for Gluten-free Bakery Products

“Gluten free” & “High in fiber” claims for bakery products

With VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients 
and VITACEL® Dietary Fibers

10 Good reasons
  • Replace the functionality of gluten
  • Improve texture
  • Structure improvement
  • Evenly distributed pores
  • Softer crumb
  • Reduced water loss over time
  • Increased shelf life
  • Positive effect on viscoelastic properties of the dough
  • Strengthening of the interaction between starch and proteins
  • Better gas retention capability

Add VITACEL® Dietary Fibers to improve nutritional value!

Increasing numbers of consumers are following an individualized dietary plan that includes gluten free. Because of this, there’s a rise in demand for gluten free bakery and pastry products.

The demand is driven by people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and by the trend of consumers looking for plant based foods that are free of potential triggers for gastrointestinal discomfort such as gluten and FODMAPSs (fermentable Oligo,- D,- Mono-saccharides and Polyols).

Consumers of gluten-free food are mostly people who pay close attention to their diet. However, most people who follow a gluten-free lifestyle do not consume enough dietary fiber due to the replacement of high fiber wheat, barley and rye based flours with low fiber, high starch flours like white rice, potato and tapioca.  

Adding label-friendly VITACEL® Dietary Fibers to gluten-free foods is an excellent way to increase dietary fiber levels without causing gastrointestinal discomfort. The right selection of VITACEL® Dietary Fibers, such as organic VITACEL® Apple Fiber, natural VITACEL® Psyllium and VITACEL® Bamboo Fiber makes it easy to raise the fiber content up to 3 g per 100 g or even 6 g per 100 g and to balance the ratio between soluble and insoluble fibers. Fiber contents in this range allow using the nutrition claims “source of fiber” or “high in fiber” and let the products stick out of the shelves. 

JRS offers a qualified fiber ingredient toolbox, where the innovative VITACEL® Dietary Fiber range provides clean and clear label solutions for high fiber enrichment and calorie reduction without compromising taste or consumer acceptance.

Gluten Free

Bread is one of the most staple foods consumed in the world, which is traditionally made with flour derived from cereal wheat. However people suffering from celiac’s disease, being an immunological induced digestive disorder of gluten, need to follow an absolutely gluten-free diet. Therefore gluten-free flours serve as a new substitute for wheat, rye and barley flours in the preparation of products consumed by wheat-intolerant individuals. The production of gluten-free baked goods is a challenging task. Typical problems are a dry and crumbly texture, lack of structure, pasty eating quality, rapid staling and poor freeze-thaw-stability.

Solving Formulation Challenges with VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients

VIVAPUR® HPMC, a modified cellulose and soluble dietary fiber, helps to replace the functionality of gluten and improve textural properties and structure. Gluten is the key factor for the preparation of conventional wheat bread. Mixing and kneading wheat flour with water allows gluten to form a network that creates viscoelastic dough, which is characterized by excellent gas retention capability, kneading tolerance, yield strength and elasticity. So with the missing key component, the preparation of gluten-free dough is a challenging task. But not anymore with VIVAPUR® HPMC!

VIVAPUR® HPMC contributes to evenly distributed pores, improves moisture retention and reduces dry crumbliness. Moreover VIVAPUR® HPMC slows down staling of the baked goods, improves structural integrity and cohesiveness leading to improvement in mouthfeel and eating quality.

Gluten-free formulation examples
Formulation Example gluten free Croissant
Formulation Example gluten free Tortilla
Formulation Example gluten free Chocolate Muffin
Formulation Example gluten free Farmhouse Bread
Formulation Example gluten free Baguette
Formulation Example gluten free Pizza dough

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The JRS bakery experts provide comprehensive application and development service from idea through the development phase up to the market launch. With the portfolio of customized and convenient VIVAPUR® Functional Systems, JRS Food Ingredients offers solutions for challenging gluten-free product developments.

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