Potato Fiber

VITACEL® Potato Fiber

Brings nutrition and health benefits that can be easily developed in food thanks to its excellent functional properties

Key advantages

  • Dietary fiber enrichment
  • Fat reduction
  • (Gut) health promotion
  • Allergen free
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • E-Number free
  • Texture improvement and more juiciness
  • Improved freshness and longer shelf life
  • Particle-induced impact on the food matrix
  • Independent of temperature, pressure and pH
JRS VITACEL® Potato Fiber

VITACEL® Potato Fiber (KF) is a natural vegetable fiber, which, with a fiber content of >55 %, contains one of the most valuable parts of vegetables in concentrated form. It is well known to affect the composition of the gut microbiota, which connects the gut with the functioning of the brain and other metabolic processes (“gut-brain-axis”). It is precisely the increased awareness of consumers about this connection that is causing the demand for high fiber products to boom. Because foods naturally rich in fiber do not always meet the taste of the general population, people follow the trend to buy fortified “better-for-you” products.

With the addition of VITACEL® Potato Fiber (KF), products stand out from other products not only through improved nutritional profiles but also through improved sensory properties, thanks to excellent functional properties.

JRS Food Ingredients offers you the opportunity to produce innovative products in the sense of public health, at the highest level, with ecologically sustainable and economically sensible results.

Potato Fiber

Our Potato Fiber provides vitalizing substances for

  • Bread and bakery products
  • Processed meat and fish products
  • Fillings
  • Health foods

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