Vegan Meat Alternatives

Meat Alternatives – The Texture makes the Difference

With VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients 
and VITACEL® Dietary Fiber

10 Good reasons
  • Authentic Meaty Texture
  • Plant Based Solutions
  • Clean and Clear Labelling Solutions
  • Dedicated Functional Systems and Single Ingredients
  • Accelerated New Product Development
  • Healthy and Tasty
  • Reduced Cooking Loss
  • Development Support from Start to Finish
  • Enables Product Variety
  • Dietary Fiber Enrichment

With a rise in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle trend, consumers are increasingly looking for meat alternatives. Not only do they want these alternatives to be delicious and healthy, they also want them to have the same texture and bite as real meat. This is where JRS and our broad portfolio of VITACEL® and VIVAPUR® meat alternative fibers can offer solutions.

Perfect Cohesion with VIVAPUR®  MC

VIVAPUR® MC is a key ingredient in producing meat alternatives, and a first choice for vegan patties and numerous vegan sausage products. The unique heat reversible gelation of VIVAPUR® MC results in outstanding water retention, sustained juicy mouthfeel, and good shape stability, whilst also reducing cooking losses. Under cold conditions, VIVAPUR® MC works as a binder and an emulsifier of water/oil mixtures.

Versatile binding with VIVAPUR® Alginates 

Alginates are established gelling agents suitable for reconstituted vegetable products such as onion rings, pimento fillings in olives and vegan sausage casings. VIVAPUR® Alginates enable gelation under cold conditions, provide good shape control of vegan sausage products under hot and cold conditions, and are the perfect texturizing agents where temperature independent form stability is required.

Fast development with VIVAPUR® MBV, MGV

VIVAPUR® MBV and MGV product lines are dedicated functional systems that are excellent for boiled and minced meat alternatives. VIVAPUR® products offer a convenient all in one texturizing concept that reduces product development time and speeds up the time from product concept to market launch.

These texturizing solutions provide a perfect and standardized consistency suited for fast and reliable manufacturing and high consumer acceptance due to authentic mouthfeel and succulence.

VIVAPUR® Fat Replacers

Vegatable fat provides succulence and a pleasant mouthfeel to meat substitutes but is also high in calories. VIVAPUR® Fat Replacers are easy to use in a cold production system using only a bowl chopper. Their ability to combine water and/or oil provides the perfect solution to imitate the organoleptic properties of fat, whilst also offering healthy alternatives of calorie reduction in either a partial plant oil or fat replacement in the protein emulsion.

Follow the fiber trend with
VITACEL® Dietary Fiber

The VITACEL® Dietary Fiber Portfolio offers an extensive variety of clean and natural label solutions for fiber enrichment and calorie reduction. In particular, the highly purified and standardized JRS fiber concentrates, VITACEL® HF oat fibers and WF wheat fibers, make it possible to achieve nutrition claims such as “source of fiber” and “high in fiber” without compromising taste or consumer acceptance.

At the JRS Food Technology and Nutrition Center, our meat technologists provide comprehensive application and development support, whether it be involved from initial concept, development phase, or all the way through to market launch. We are your Innovative System and Technology Partner, globally involved in the research and processing of plant materials. Our VITACEL® and VIVAPUR® product ranges combine unique functional properties with nutritional benefits, adding value to your food products.

Vegan Chicken Patty
Vegan Meat Alternatives formulation examples
Formulation Example Vegan Chicken Nuggets
Vegan Chicken Nuggets
Formulation Example Vegan Hot Dog
Vegan Hot Dog
Formulation Example Vegan Beef Patty
Vegan Beef Patty
Formulation Example Vegan Cold Cut
Vegan Cold Cut
Formulation Example Vegan Fat Replacement
Vegan Fat Replacement
Formulation Example Vegan Chicken Patty
Vegan Chicken Patty

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