JRS Rettenmaier has Invented a new Ingredient for the Cosmetic Industry: CosmeticCELLULOSE

CosmeticCELLULOSE is a specially prepared and natural based ingredient - where its basis is all natural cellulose fiber - that is superior in all aspects to many chemical alternatives.

 JRS works in regard to respect the planet and to better the feel of living. JRS strives to assist nature to gain victory over doubtful chemistry.

JRS Cosmetic cellulose for hair care products
Cellulose for Baby care products
JRS Cosmetic Cellulose for make-up products
JRS Cosmetic cellulose for dental and oral care products
JRS Cosmetic Cellulose for skin care products

Why CosmeticCELLULOSE?

We believe that nothing that may have an impact on pollution or cause harm to body and skin in any way can be called a CARE PRODUCT. WE CARE!

We Respect Nature

CosmeticCELLULOSE has been developed under highest technology conditions to be used as a super and multi-functional additive in cosmetic and personal care products and seen as the new state of the art additive in cosmetic products. CosmeticCELLULOSE is made of the all-natural raw material cellulose. 

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We Save Water

We at JRS believe that nothing having an impact on pollution or water waste can be called a CARE product. 

Current environmental issues and the increasing awareness of the cosmetic industry lead to “water-free” formulas. Another advantage of water-free cosmetics is overcoming the regulatory constraints relating to preservatives. The natural ingredient VIVASTAR® CS Instant Powder – a CosmeticCELLULOSE product - makes it possible to develop gelling or expansion. 

VIVASTAR® CS Instant Powder has no influence on the pH- value of the final product and is thermostable up to 120 °C as well as harmless to production equipment. Due to its insolubility in oil, in organic solvents and its inert characteristics, VIVASTAR® CS Instant Powder provides an easy implementation in the production process. It is ready to change into gel or cream just after adding water. Instant Products like VIVASTAR® CS Instant Powder take regard to the do-it-yourself-trend: it’s ready to use by simply adding water. VIVASTAR® CS Instant Powder is lightweight and therefore ideal for traveling. Due to its small format, it also reduces packaging waste significantly.

The Big PLUS – Additional Advantages

Besides the motivation to only use the best performing ingredients which are safe to people and planet, manufactures will create several additional marketing advantages as of adding CosmeticCELLULOSE to their textures and formulas.

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