“Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award”

JRS receives “Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award” 2019 for Microplastic Replacement made of Plant Fibers for use in Cosmetic Products.

Rosenberg, July 2019

VIVAPUR® Sensory 15S from the JRS 'Home and Personal Care' Business unit is Honored as an Environmentally Friendly Innovation for 2019.

On 16th of July 2019, Franz Untersteller MdL, Baden-Württemberg's Minister for Environment, Climate and Energy Economy, presented the renowned Environmental Technology Awards 2019 at an information and congress event held in Fellbach, Germany. JRS, J. Rettenmaier&Söhne, Rosenberg, was awarded third place in the category 'Material Efficiency' out of more than 70 entries submitted to the jury. 

Minister Untersteller in his laudation: "The topic of 'microplastics' has gained tremendous momentum. J. Rettenmaier & Söhne GmbH + CO KG with its product VIVAPUR CS Sensory 15S has succeeded in offering a solution based on natural, renewable, biodegradable raw materials on the one hand and outstanding haptic properties on the other. I congratulate you warmly on this."

Die innovative, nachhaltige und umweltfreundliche Alternative zu Mikroplastik-Feinstpartikeln

The JRS plant fiber product VIVAPUR® Sensory 15S, which was awarded the 2019 Environmental Technology Prize, creates a smooth and even skin texture as a volume filler and is distinguished by its excellent application properties. It offers the cosmetics industry an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to microplastic fine particles. These include microbeats and microspheres.

Environmental organizations criticize the fact that microplastic particles are still used worldwide in huge quantities in toothpaste, shower gels, shampoos and also in decorative cosmetics, including lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows and anti-wrinkle products, although  many countries are now beginning to ban their use. Since it is usually difficult or impossible to detect these ultrafine particles, which are only a few micrometers in size, with the naked eye in the end product, very few consumers suspect that they apply several hundred thousand ultrafine particles with each application and thus release them into the environment.  

Nature can do it better: In addition to microplastic substitutes, biodegradable cellulosic JRS cosmetic ingredients offer extended functionality that can be used for better or new product properties of cosmetic products. 

Environmental Technology Award

The 'green' JRS plant fiber technology relies on renewable plant raw materials that can be traced back via the natural biological material cycle. In the long term, large quantities of microplastics can thus be avoided, which now threaten the oceans and thus the livelihood of the animal world and the food cycle. 

The JRS Home and Personal Care business unit has launched a whole series of special plastic replacement and functional products made from plant raw materials to revolutionize the cosmetics industry in a sustainable 'green' way. JRS Innovation Manager Andreas Nagel, who accompanied the tender for the company, accepted the award on behalf of the business unit and presented the diverse functions and properties of JRS plant fiber products and the JRS technology behind them at a special information stand.

Franz Untersteller
Environmental Technology Award

Similar to the cosmetics industry, JRS, J. Rettenmaier&Söhne, with its 'green' JRS plant fiber technology, offers sustainable solutions in almost all areas of modern industry in the form of functional additives and semi-finished materials from plant raw materials - e.g. for modern, more sustainable materials, tablet production, filtration, products for the construction industry or fiber concentrates for health-conscious nutrition.

Since 2009, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy has been awarding the Environmental Technology Prize every two years to innovative environmental technologies that make a significant contribution to resource efficiency and environmental protection. In 2019, the prize, worth a total of  100,000 euros, will be awarded for the sixth time. Companies with headquarters or branches in Baden-Württemberg are invited to submit their products and processes in the categories 'energy efficiency', 'material efficiency', 'emission reduction, processing and separation' as well as 'measurement and control technology, industry 4.0'.

Environmental Technology Award
Environmental Technology Award
Environmental Technology Award
Environmental Technology Award
Environmental Technology Award
Environmental Technology Award

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