Alternative to Micro Plastics in Cosmetic Products:

VITACEL® CS 5 Apple, Honored with the COSMEBIO Ingredient Trophy in France

Rosenberg,  November 2019

The JRS Product, VITACEL CS 5 Apple is a multifunctional natural ingredient for the cosmetic industry and provides an alternative solution to synthetic materials in formulations. Due to its easy biodegradability, it is harmless to the environment compared to plastics. The raw material, derived from the food industry as a vegetal by-product, enters into the circular economy in a perfect way. This optimal symbiosis of VITACEL CS 5 Apple and the environment has convinced the jury of the Cosmebio Ingredient Trophy. 

As a component in cosmetic products, VITACEL CS 5 Apple improves the sensory perception and has emulsifying properties at once. The stabilization by ultra-fine solid particules of VITACEL CS 5 Apple allows doing emulsions without emulsifier. These properties were confirmed in a study of AgroParisTech University. By combining the emulsifier-multifunction and the sensory effect in one ingredient, new doors for minimalist formulas open up. All in all, the awarded sustainable ingredient brings many advantages and a new feeling to green emulsions.  

Besides VITACEL CS 5 Apple, the JRS Home and Personal Care business unit has launched a whole series of special plastic replacement and functional products made from plant raw materials to revolutionize the cosmetics industry in a sustainable 'green' way. 

The Cosmébio Ingredient 2019 Trophy was awarded by COSMEBIO, the French Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics, and a founding member of the European harmonized COSMOS-standard.  

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