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JRS - Balling Effect

Sustainable Cellulose Fibres For Novel Exfoliating Treatments

  • Soft Exfoliating Action
  • Gradual Appearance Of Integrated Fibres
  • Visual And Textural Transformation In Use
  • Perfect for Fake Tan and Spa Regime Treatments


JRS’s extensive range of cellulose and microcrystalline cellulose based exfoliating scrubs is well known. In addition to these “conventional” scrub ingredients comes a range of fibrous cellulose grades: Vitacel CS 150 F and Vitacel CS 300 F.

These fibres offer the formulator an alternative take on traditional scrub products by allowing for the formulation of a truly “transitional” product. Initially the fibres behave as invisible and barely perceivable ultra-light scrub materials but, as the formulation is gently massaged into the skin, things begin to change!

Whilst the light emulsion absorbs and evaporates, the mechanical massaging and resultant increase in ratio of solids to liquids, favours the intertwining of Vitacel fibres resulting in an integrated “macro-fibre” which is both visible and perceivable.

The transition from smooth serum or liqht emulsion to a noticeable “balling effect” continues to give a sense of light exfoliation as well as the perception of visible “peeling”.

Balling Effect formulations are well suited to Spa and pre Fake Tan Treatments.

Formulations are typically low solid serums, gels or emulsions with polymeric thickeners (film forming effect of polymers can enhance the balling effect).

Vitacel CS 150 and 300 are: 100 Natural (ISO16128); Cosmos Certified and Readily Biodegradable.


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