ARBOCEL® - The multifunctional feed ingredient for aqua feed



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In Aquaculture

Advantages of Fiber Enhanced Aqua feed:

  • Enhanced pellet stability: less waste of feed through breakage and abrasion
  • Improved oil binding/distribution: reduced nutrient leaching leeds to better feed quality and less water pollution
  • Uniform oil distribution
  • Better feed dough rheology: reduces nutrient loss in moist/semi-moist feed
  • No gel effect like other binders: feed digestibility is not reduced
  • Compact faeces: better faeces recovery, reduces filter costs

Depending on species and feeding technique aqua feed must fulfill special nutritive and technological requirements. ARBOCEL® is capable of improving the nutritive and technical quality of pelleted, extruded and moist/semi-moist feed.

Application of ARBOCEL®

Depending on the type of feed produced and the desired final oil content we recommend a dosage between 0.5 - 3.0 %

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