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The Natural Crude Fiber Concentrate for Piglets

With ARBOCEL® it has been possible for the first time to combine high energy formulations with ideal nutrient digestibility and high crude fiber levels. The revolution in piglet nutrition: Maximum performance in combination with best intestinal health!

Increase in Efficiency with  ARBOCEL®

ARBOCEL® results in

  • longer intestinal villi
  • better intestinal health
  • better nutrient digestibility
  • optimized feed conversion
  • higher daily weight gain
  • prevents weaning diarrhoea

Higher profitability in piglet nutrition

Application via feed in

  • Prestarter
  • Starter

Dosage Recommendation

We recommend feeding the piglets via prestarter with ARBOCEL® starting at the 8th day of life.

ARBOCEL® is pelleting stable and is added to the prestarters in a dosage of 2 %. The subsequent rearing feed should contain at least 1 % of ARBOCEL®.

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