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Multifunctional Crude Fiber Concentrates for Your Petfood Products

ARBOCEL® Advantages in Petfood:

1. Satiation

ARBOCEL® is the most inert and highly swelling fiber concentrate on the market - due to this, the stretch receptors on the stomach are activated and satiation is given.

2. Less Feces

Scientific trials have shown that ARBOCEL® is well able to increase digestibility and thus reduce the amount of feces by more than 20% - an amazing result your customers will not have to measure, they will see it!

3. Dental Hygiene 

ARBOCEL®´s fiber network stabilizes your formulation and is completely insoluble - this leads to a very smooth abrasive effect that is cleaning the teeth very gently.

4. Anti-hairball-effect

ARBOCEL®´s fine fiber network encloses the hair in its network structure and transports it out through the GI tract - here the high fibrillation grade of ARBOCEL® helps to make it very efficient.

5. Improved Faeces Consistency

ARBOCEL® 's ability to increase the nutrient digestibility leads to less undigested nutrients in the colon - thus less problems with undesired fermentation processes. Furthermore the insoluble fiber network cares for a 'sponge effect' and helps resorption of water in the colon - thus the feces are more dry and less sticky.

JRS ingredients for semi-moist pet food

Wet Petfood

  • very high water and fat binding capacity
  • insoluble fibers imitate meat fibrils - perfect meat like structure
  • reliable prevention of syneresis and gel separation
  • ARBOCEL® shows synergistic effects with emulsifiers and hydrocolloids
  • ARBOCEL® is stable even in difficult pH and heat conditions
JRS Pet Food Pellets

Dry Petfood

  • crude fiber enrichment
  • calory-free filler i.e. for diet food
  • excellent healthy aspects - i.e. for dental hygiene and hairball diets
  • improved stability of extrudates and pellets
  • considerably less abrasion due to the improved surface structure
  • prevents oil leakage
  • faster and even drying process due to fibers drainage effect
  • ARBOCEL® is completely pressure and temperature resistant and there is no danger of it burning or colouring under extreme extruder parameters
JRS extrudates for pet food

SemiMoist Petfood

  • increase in water and fat binding capacity
  • positive influence on microbiological stability (aw-value)
  • rich crude fiber and calorie-free
  • adds nutritional value
JRS ingredients for pet treats and snacks

Snacks and Treats

  • add no calories to the formulation
  • less breaking in baked products
  • ideal dental hygiene effects
  • multifunctional properties (i.e. stabilization of texture, anti-hairball effect)
  • stabilizing effect - i.e. in fillings for coextruded products

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