Innovative Functionality


Innovative 'Green Functions' as a Future Technology with Prospects

JRS opens up the Industry to the Functions of Vegetable Raw Materials


Functional – Taking its Lead from Nature

Just as the water passes from the roots to the leaves in a tree, vegetable raw materials show us many functions that can be implemented profitably for industrial use.

JRS is using these functions in its ‘green’ technology of the future for almost all areas of daily life:
in addition to their universal recyclability, renewable vegetable raw materials offer an inexhaustible reservoir of versatile technical features, for example for use in binding, thickening, stabilisation, moisture management, structuring, support functions, surface formation, separation and filtration efficiency, cleaning, replacement of hazardous materials, energy conservation and many more.  

As an innovative technology and system partner for the industry, the JRS Group is engaged in the exploration and development of these diverse functional properties. 

»  Functions JRS Products

JRS 'EPT' – 'Enhanced JRS Process Technology'

Behind this stands the, 'Enhanced JRS Milling Technology', the latest special mills process technology.

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Functional Diversity

JRS-Products under the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Different structures lead to different functions

The unique JRS know-how on raw material properties and innovative machining technologies makes the many technically functions of modern industry accessible.

SEM images of different JRS plant fiber products


JRS - Your systems and technology partner for innovation projects

Let us advise you - as a systems and technology partner, JRS supports innovation projects of all application fields in close cooperation with our customers - where can we help you?

Use JRS expertise and know-how in 

  • Function 
  • Raw material selection
  • Production Implementation / Process Engineering 
  • application know-how
  • R & D
  • Approval / certification, QA / documentation 
  • Cost / benefit profile
  • Dosing and conveying technology 
  • Logistics

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Innovative Functions

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