VIVAPUR® Alginate


Alginate is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from brown seaweed. It provides gelling, thickening and film-forming properties for a number of food and non-food applications. 

The JRS VIVAPUR® Alginate range comprises alginic acid, from which our alginate salts and blends are made, especially designed to meet applications needs.

Key benefits 

  • Natural 
  • Versatile 
  • Process flexible

Product Benefit Application
VIVAPUR® Alginate FD Gelling, thickening and film-forming General food applications (cream, desserts, restructured fruits like pimento stripes,…)
VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Easy to prepare, cold soluble. Large span of texture (from smooth to firm) and of texture development (from rapid to slow). Provides bake stability. Provides freeze/thaw stability Baker’s custards
VIVAPUR® Alginate IC Provides unique texture and creaminess, control of ice crystals Ice cream
VIVAPUR® Alginate FB Produces a smooth, pumpable texture for easy handling. Provides shape and bake stability. Creates uniform fillings with an appealing shiny appeareance. Prevents syneresis. Bakery fruit fillings
VIVAPUR® Alginate LFS Stabilizes emulsion Compensates fat and/or protein reduction. Provides excellent melting properties and flavor release. Low-fat spreads
VIVAPUR® Meatbinder restructured meat and fish applications, easy to use Meat applications



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