Natural alginates for the food industry
Natural alginates for the food industry

VIVAPUR® Alginate

Alginate is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from brown seaweed. It provides gelling, thickening and film-forming properties for a number of food and non-food applications. 

The JRS VIVAPUR® Alginate range comprises alginic acid, from which our alginate salts and blends are made, especially designed to meet applications needs.

Key benefits 
  • Natural 
  • Versatile 
  • Process flexible
Cream Puffs
Cream Puffs
VIVAPUR® Alginate FDGelling, thickening and film-forming.General food applications (cream, desserts, restructured fruits like pimento stripes,…)
VIVAPUR® Alginate BCEasy to prepare, cold soluble. Large span of texture (from smooth to firm) and of texture development (from rapid to slow). Provides bake stability. Provides freeze/thaw stability.Baker’s custards
VIVAPUR® Alginate ICProvides unique texture and creaminess, control of ice crystals.Ice cream
VIVAPUR® Alginate FBProduces a smooth, pumpable texture for easy handling. Provides shape and bake stability. Creates uniform fillings with an appealing shiny appeareance. Prevents syneresis.Bakery fruit fillings
VIVAPUR® Alginate LFSStabilizes emulsions, compensates fat and/or protein reduction. Provides excellent melting properties and flavor release.Low-fat spreads
VIVAPUR® Alginate MUForm stability, heat stable emulsions, texture improvement, fat replacement, less raw material input, cost reduction, vegetarian/vegan solutions, easy processing.Meat and meat alternatives, restructured meat and fish applications
VIVAPUR® Alginate CHYield increase in cheese production, good casein coagulation, excellent taste in the end product, firm texture, pleasant "juicy" mouthfeel, less raw material input, cost reduction, equally suitable for recombination and ultrafiltration technology, easy application in existing plants.White cheese, e.g. feta and further cheese categories

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VIVAPUR® Alginates & Pectins

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VIVAPUR® Alginate

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VIVAPUR® Alginate BC Range is an optimized functional system for Baker's custard cream. Works in instant systems as well for "ready to use" products.

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