Functional Corn Fibers

REHOFIX ® is a versatile, functional product line, which is produced from corn plants: functional corn fibers, corn pellets, as well as the fluff and body elements of the corn plant.

Areas of application

Cellulose filter aids for intelligent and green precoat filtration

› Filtration

Plant granulates from natural annual plants. Particularly friable due to the cubic corn structure and thus especially suitable for automatic dispensing systems.

REHOFIX Corncub Granules

› Metal Cleaning

Corncob granules are used in different processes for surface finishing.

Cat's Best Innovative functional ideas of JRS plant fiber technology

› Animal Hygiene

Corn granules and fiber pellets for powerful animal bedding products

Lignocel animal medicine

› Veterinary Medicine

REHOFIX ® corncob granules act as environmentally-friendly and inert carrier substances and as separating and thinning agents in veterinary premixes and for feed additives for livestock.

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