Innovative Functions
Innovative Functions
Innovative Functions

Functionality – obtained from
natural, renewable,
vegetable raw materials

Types of Wood

Types of Wood

Cereal fibers

Cereal fibers

Fruit and vegetable fibers

Fruit and vegetable fibers


Raw material base

Annual plants

Perennial plants

Celluloses (extracted from plants)


Our core competence lies in our expertise and our longtime experience in which raw material group enables which functions. In addition, Mother Nature provides us with a seemingly endless number of raw material variations and design qualities. Allow our experts to advise you!

We ensure maximum security of supply through professional raw material management.   

Even if vegetable materials are always subject to certain natural fluctuations in pquality, with our selection, processing and quality assurance processes, we ensure the best integrated and reliable series quality the industry knows.

Natural fibers - our slogan shows and commits us to our demands: responsible use of natural resources.

In our actions, we hold ourselves to the highest ecological standard – from the selection of raw materials through the steps to environmentally friendly processes.   

Here our work focuses on both
ecological and economic sustainability.


What is Cellulose?


what is cellulose

        Wood raw material

Cellulose 50%

Lignine, resins        


Cellulose Biopolymer


Cellulose is the most commonly occurring organic substance in nature.

Biopolymer Cellulose

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