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Obtained from Natural, Renewable, Vegetable raw Materials Wood Fibers

Vegetable raw materials
Types of Wood
Grain Fibers
Cereal Fibers
Fruit and vegetable fibers
Fruit and Vegetable Fibers
  • Annual plants
  • Perennial plants
  • Cellulose (extracted from plants)
  • Algae (aquatic plants )

Our core competence lies in our expertise and our longtime experience in which raw material group enables which functions. In addition, Mother Nature provides us with a seemingly endless number of raw material variations and design qualities. 

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Natural fibers - our slogan shows and commits us to our demands: responsible use of natural resources. In our actions, we hold ourselves to the highest ecological standard – from the selection of raw materials through the steps to environmentally friendly processes.   
Here our work focuses on both ecological and economic sustainability.

Sustainable Use of Production by-Products

In most of our fields of application, we rely on production by-products as sustainable sources of raw materials.

In the production of wood products in the sawmill and planing industry, large quantities of the highest quality wood raw materials are continuously produced, which we use in our applications in a sensible and functional way. These are safe sources of wood from sustainable domestic closed-loop forestry, mostly also PEFC-certified. This means that in all these areas of application no tree has to be cut down just for our functional products.

For our food fibers, we rely on high-quality, certified production by-products of the food industry - e.g. fruit pomace, vegetable and cereal plant parts, shells, etc. Our aim is to use all the components of the natural, vegetable raw materials completely, holistically and thus sustainably.

The innovative JRS plant fiber technology enables the gentle, beneficial processing of all plant raw material sources for a future-oriented, functionally oriented use in almost all areas of modern life and industry all over the world.

All JRS plant fiber products can be returned to the natural material cycle - because they are 100% biodegradable.  

What is Cellulose? 


Wood raw Material

Cellulose 50 %

Lignine, Resins        

The natural formation process of cellulose:

The natural formation process of cellulose

Water + Sunlight + CO₂

Cellulose + Oxygen

Biopolymer Cellulose

Cellulose is the most commonly occurring organic substance in nature.


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