We are Future !  -  The 'Green Concept' of JRS

For a Sustainable 'Green' and Better World.

In times of a growing world population, we see ourselves as pioneer for a modern, livable world that offers everyone access to healthier nutrition, globally available medicine and resource-saving, environmentally friendly industrial production.

This is what all JRS employees around the globe are committed to - every day with full dedication! Even though our products and applications cannot make the world green in one fell swoop, we are proud of every small step we take to make our environment at least a little bit greener every day!

Our Products Are Made from Natural, Renewable Plant Raw Materials

Fibers from Nature - our slogan shows and commits us to our demands: responsible use of natural resources.

Our fiber products are created from natural, renewable vegetable raw materials, such as cereal and fruit fibers, wood and the cellulose derived.

In our actions, we try to meet a high ecological standard – from the selection of raw materials through the processing steps to environmentally friendly processes. Here our work focuses on both ecological and economic sustainability

Fibras naturales de manzana y cereales
JRS Products

JRS Products inherently follow the Idea of Natural Material Cycles

JRS has been living this 'green' philosophy since its foundation as a classic oil and grain mill. Ecological and economic sustainability have always stood in unison for JRS.


The Multiple Dimensions of the 'Green JRS Concept'

  • 'Green' JRS plant fiber technology
  • 'Green' plant raw material (particularly sustainable raw materials fromproduction by-products)
  • 'Green' efficient functionality
  • 'Green' substitution of dangerous substances
  • 'Green' production (all products are recyclable)
  • Sustainable 'green' management of resources
  • Practicable social sustainable values (social responsibility)
  • 'Green' location policy
Multiple dimensions of the 'Green JRS Concept'

Functions of 'Green Products':

  • Environmental protection
  • Energy saving
  • Material saving
  • Replacement of hazardous materials 
  • Recycling / cycle of materials
  • Waste reduction
  • Health
  • Better nutrition
  • Safety at work
Unique: The Innovative JRS Plant Fiber Technology

Good Conscience for  a Worthwhile, Better Future!

Our fiber products are made from natural, renewable vegetable raw materials such as cereal and fruit fibers, wood and cellulose derived from these.

Sustainable Resource Management

  • Raw materials of plant origin
  • Use of secondary raw materials
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Ambitious, sustainable energy policy
  • Waste-free use of raw materials
  • Own forest policy with continuous reforestation program
  • Short transport routes

 We are Future !

Certified Sustainability, Produced from Renewable, Organic raw Materials
Raw material
Raw material

Thinking 'Green'

Sustainability Programmed for the long haul

JRS offers independence and security based on the philosophy of a modern, owner-managed family business group with a tradition of more than 140 years - in order to be able to implement a  visionary 'green' philosophy with a long-term perspective.

4th generation: CEO Josef Otto Rettenmaier

Sustainable: Biopolymer Cellulose

Cellulose is the most abundant organic substance in nature. When it is generated under the influence of sunlight, it binds large amounts of CO2.

The Natural Process of Cellulose Formation:

The natural process of cellulose formation

Water/H₂O + Sunlight + CO₂

Cellulose + Oxygen/O₂

Environmental Responsibility

Lake Orot

The global orientation of JRS enables us to optimally procure raw materials. This is an important prerequisite for manufacturing a large number of unique products. Doing justice to the ecological cycle is always a matter of course for us. In keeping with this motto, renewable organic materials will continue to be the basis of our product philosophy in the future.

As a processing company, we work consistently on continuous improvement and optimisation of our process and plant technology in order to reduce our energy consumption in an environmentally friendly manner.

... because after all, our 'fibers from nature' should help to improve all areas of modern life and pass on a liveable, intact environment to the generations after us.

fir tree

Cradle-to-Cradle - Suitable Products

Most JRS products are designed to be suitable as cradle-to-cradle concepts. Firstly, the products are based on vegetable raw materials in the biological cycle – secondly, further high-value levels of use can be achieved (one example of many: Filter aids made of vegetable raw materials, which make it possible to supply the filter cake to the animal feed sector in a useful way).   

Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the various product groups and fields of application.

Application Example 'Green' JRS Technology

Organic raw Materials – Instead of Micro Plastics:

Natural substitute for plastic microspheres in cosmetics. 
Added Value: The JRS products are not only substitutes - they also offer further useful technical functions and properties. Nature can often do it better...

Personal Care

Modern Plant Cultivation

Especially in times of climate change and increasing urbanisation, new approaches to modern plant cultivation are needed. Peat replacement, water storage, seed coating, urban gardening and others are supported by JRS plant fiber technology with its many functional solution approaches. 


Sustainable Sources of raw Materials from Production by-products

The complete, holistic use of natural resources from renewable, plant-based sources will determine the future in the most diverse areas of life and industries. With the sustainable use of reliable, safe raw materials from production by-products of the food industry, we are taking a future-oriented, ecologically responsible path in raw material sourcing in the area of VITACEL food fiber dietary fibers. Follow The Fiber People !   

Dietary fibers from production by-products

For the CAT'S BEST eco-cat Litter no tree is cut down!

The successful and everywhere highly appreciated CAT'S BEST eco cat litter (for us the 'best cat litter in the world') benefits from JRS plant fiber technology and sustainable regional raw material sources. During the production of wood products in the sawmill and planing industry, large quantities of the highest quality wood raw materials from sustainable, domestic closed-loop forestry are continuously produced, which we put to sensible, functional use in our applications. Thus no tree has to be cut down especially for the production of cat litter. Cat hygiene for a new time!   

For the CAT'S BEST eco-cat litter no tree is cut down

Certified Energy Management System (EnMS)

Through the introduction of a certified energy management programme (EnMS), JRS has made an important contribution to reducing energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions

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