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The company JRS

The Company JRS

As owner-managed, independent family business group, we have stood for innovation, long-term perspectives, reliability and security for more than 140 years. Successful since 5 generations.
More than 3500 employees at over 90 production and sales locations worldwide are committed to the innovative JRS plant fiber technology.

JRS Fiber Solutions

Innovation, Dynamics and Perspective

We, the JRS, J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE Group, are committed to the research, development and processing of high-quality, functional organic fibers made from renewable, plant-based raw materials.

Our commitment - future-oriented and sustainable

Our Commitment

Future-oriented and sustainable

In times of a growing world population we see ourselves as pioneer for a modern, livable world that offers everyone access to healthier nutrition, globally available medicine and resource-saving, environmentally friendly industrial production.

The human being is in the center of attention - as customer and employee.

The employees of JRS are fully committed to these positive values and visions on a daily basis - would that also be a perspective for you?

Unique: The Innovative JRS Plant Fiber Technology

With the innovative JRS plant fiber technology, we make the many functions of these valuable natural substances available to industry.

These include functional products made of cellulose, cereal and fruit fibers or wood fibers, processed as required into ultra-fine fibres, compactates, granulates, mixtures or special dosage forms. 

JRS Fiber Technology


Caring for the ecological cycle is always a top priority to us. Therefore sustainable vegetable raw materials will always be the basis of our product philosophy in the future.   

Natural material cycle of renewable raw materials
Global network concept for continuous availability and perfect service anywhere in the world

Global Orientation

The worldwide orientation of JRS enables us to procure raw materials of the best quality.

This is an important requirement in order to produce a wide variety of unique products. Our certified advanced production technology stands for top quality, innovative functionality and a perfect price/performance ratio.

Unique technology know-how

Unique Technology know-how

We are manufacturers with unique technological know-how. Decades of production experience, the highest quality standards, our own special plant engineering and comprehensive special know-how lead to successful plant fibre application solutions.

Behind this stands the innovative 'EPT', Enhanced JRS Process Technology with its unique, innovative modular process engineering system.

JRS Delivers Innovative and Individual Problem Solutions!

Problem-solver, systems and technology partner of the industry:  
Through our functional fibers, we create solutions for many product applications and chemical engineering processes for almost all areas of daily life, such as in pharmacy, food, industry and technology.

We rely on the innovative JRS organic fiber technology, our decades of experience and the comprehensive JRS special know-how.
Solutions with system and safety - we would be pleased to provide you with detailed advice! 


Added-Value with System

We supply fibers in many variations, many of which benefit the processing industry in several ways: through innovative products with added-value, through solutions with cost advantages, through many technical and functional advantages, through high quality standards, through individually tailored application solutions.

Furthermore, our company offers all our customers room for progressive ideas through close cooperation in the transfer of technology.


Attractive Employer

As a globally operating company with more than 3500 employees at over 90 production and sales locations around the world, we are a company with a wide range of tasks and job descriptions.

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'green' concept

Better. Green. Intelligent.

Nature offers an almost inexhaustible reservoir of usable functions that have always been part of the plant world.

The innovative JRS future technology opens up these valuable functions and features to all areas of modern industry.

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