The Paper of Tomorrow

New Microcellulose Generation for Paper and Board Production

As part of the reopening of the Dürener Papiermuseum (paper museum), experts discussed the topic "Paper, material of the future". The elite of the paper industry, experts in practical application, experimental research - and of course Sascha Galic -, the senior product manager of the JRS Division Chemistry at JRS, gave the panel a fascinating insight into concepts and problem solutions for the material of tomorrow. 

Through many pioneering, process-related in-house developments and continuous research, JRS has been able to gain comprehensive know-how in the field of technology over the decades in the Paper and board industry.

True to our slogan of “Fibers designed by Nature”, the raw material base comes from the heart of nature. For 140 years, the JRS corporate group has devoted itself, body and soul, to the development, processing and optimization of high quality, natural fiber from renewable, vegetable raw materials. 


Natural additives have opened completely new doors for the paper and board industry helping to modernize paper and paperboard products to continually improve their properties and production. Functional ARBOCEL® specialty fibers are highly effective alternatives for the industry - and on a natural basis! 

A prime example of this is ARBOCEL® UFC: a multifunctional ultra-fine cellulose – considered a "super additive". This additive enables new material and functional dimension in the paper and board line. Visit the “Visions” exhibit in the Düren paper museum to see more information about ARBOCEL® UFC.

Further information at Business Unit Chemistry.

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