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Rosenberg, August 2019

By the end of the year 2018 the JRS group took over the alginate production site Landerneau from DuPont Nutrition & Health. The extended JRS portfolio offers now a wide range of texturizing systems, based on JRS’s competence in dietary fiber concentrates, functional cellulose derivates and the new alginate capacities. 

Alginate is one of the most versatile hydrocolloids due to its viscosifying, gelling and film forming properties under a variety of different conditions. The ability to dissolve and gel alginate without heating and control gel setting time very precisely by adjusting the calcium concentration with sequestrants is a key benefit. This versatility is reflected in the many applications making use of alginates, from technical applications to food and pharmaceuticals.

JRS Alginates are produced by JRS Marine Products Landerneau SAS near Brest. The production site applies best-in class safety practices and stringent quality standards (ISO 9001, BRC, ISO 14001). All VIVAPUR alginate products are Kosher and Halal certified. Derived from a rich field of brown algae Laminaria digitata and Laminaria hyperborea just off the French Brittany coast, these specialty products, sold under the name VIVAPUR Alginate perform an essential functional role in a wide variety of food.  VIVAPUR Alginate adds, for example, bake stability to fruit preparations, consistency to cream fillings and custards, stabilizes sauces and serves as a gelling agent in sausage casings, reconstituted vegan products, meat and fish.

In 2018, the US FDA included Alginate in the list of non-digestible carbohydrates that meet the definition of dietary fiber which also underlines the nutritional benefit.

JRS supplies a streamlined range of standard and tailor-made alginate products, designed to give high, medium or low viscosity at several granulation sizes. VIVAPUR Alginate are also often used in combination with a number of other JRS products, creating an extensive tool box of functional texturizing systems that respond to the specific needs of individual customers.

In addition to the plant in Landerneau, JRS Group runs further food-specific production facilities in 6 countries. Customers can obtain advice and assistance from the technical support team and instant access to dedicated meat, dairy and bakery labs as well as from the sales subsidiaries located in more than 25 countries. Dedicated agents in most other countries complete the network, securing a fast, effective service for customers worldwide.


Auszüge aus "food technologie" Ausgabe 5/2019, November

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