Mill Tradition Alive: ,Green' Energy from Water Power 

Frankenberg,  July 2020

Many JRS production sites have evolved from mills. Traditionally, hydropower was the driving force. However, 'green' energy from hydropower is still playing an important role in the JRS family of companies. Particularly attractive: in contrast to many other forms of renewable energy, hydropower is available continuously and thus stabilizes the power grid. 

A modern new hydroelectric power plant project at the Ederwehr in the Frankenberg district of Viermünden adds another energy location to the existing facilities. After completion, the plant will produce around 1 million kilowatt hours per year and, if possible, feed them directly into the local grid. This is enough electricity for around 300 households and saves around 730 tonnes of C02 The plant will also be used for active flood protection manage­ment on site. The fish population in the Eder also benefits from the project's innovative overall water-ecological concept in the form of a sophisticated fish ladder and weir modernization.

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