JRS Holzenergie HEW Herbrechtingen
JRS Holzenergie HEW Herbrechtingen

Production Site Plant JRS Holzenergie Herbrechtingen

The JRS Holzenergie HEW Herbrechtingen lies between Heidenheim and Giengen on the Country Road 19. Which connects the A7 from direction Würzburg and the B466 from direction Heidenheim.

We recommend that you take the Autobahn exit 117: A7 Würzburg (from the north) or Kempten (from the south) 116: on the B466 / B19 to Heidenheim / Herbrechtingen

How to Find Us

Werk Herbrechtingen
Werk Herbrechtingen

JRS Holzenergie HEW
GmbH & Co KG
Oskar-von-Miller-Weg 3
89542 Herbrechtingen

+49 7324 9899871


Mo. - Fr.: 5.00 Uhr - 21.00 Uhr

Directions to The Factory

Job Offers

As there are currently no positions available, we look forward to receiving your speculative application.

Contact Person

Plant Manager

Mr. Ioannis Zampakis

Tel: +49 7324 9899871

Wood Purchase

Mr. Phillipp Fuchs

Tel: +49 7967 152 145

Certification PEFC

Mr. Dr. Hill

Tel: +497967 152 127

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