JRS Medic - Biomaterials for Medical Applications
JRS Medic - Biomaterials for Medical Applications

JRS Medic - Biomaterials for Medical Applications

Discover our hydrocolloids, celluloses and technical polymers - material solutions for wound care, oral care and more.

JRS Medic Stands for Competence and Commitment

The innovative JRS Plant Fiber Technology offers future-oriented application solutions for almost all areas of modern, global industry. 

As a manufacturer and solution provider with decades of industry experience, the JRS Group bundles its market activities and technology expertise in application-oriented business units - for example, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Food Ingredients, Home & Personal Care and many other technical applications. 

With the newly created future field 'JRS Medic', JRS is now focused on the specific needs of the medical care products industry.

JRS is a worldwide leading manufacturer with a broad portfolio of highly functional polymers and low-molecular components. The majority derived from renewable plant-based materials. 
JRS offers a unique competency and support package for long-term international industry partnerships.

Benefit from our Manufacturing Know-How and Expertise

The versatile JRS product portfolio offers a wide field of possible applications for various Medical Care products. 

  • Customized product development and production 
  • Extensive regulatory documentation 
  • GMP certified production standard 
  • Supply in-line with GDP around the globe 
  • Local JRS representatives worldwide 

Chemists, food engineers, pharmacists, process engineers and excellently trained production personnel make JRS your first point of contact regarding innovative fiber technology. 

Benefit from our many years of experience and the synergy effects resulting from our broad application portfolio.

Success requires an in-depth exchange. We keep your information confidential.

JRS Medic Products

Application Fields of JRS Medic

The JRS Medic Product Portfolio serves products for the following applications

Wound Care

Sodium and Calcium Alginate has been used for decades as biopolymer in Alginate Wound Dressings and Tampons due to its high absorption and gelling capacity. VIVAPHARM Alginates are available as Sodium Alginate and Calcium Alginate in different viscosities and gel strength. Customized production tailored to your specific needs.

Wound Care
Wound Care
Dental Care
Dental Care

Dental Care

Sodium Alginate is the leading impression material used globally in the dental care industry as it is easy to work with, reasonable and delivers precise results. VIVAPHARM Sodium Alginate is available in various particle sizes, viscosities and gel strength. In addition to Sodium Alginate, Potassium Alginate is available as well.
There are a number of other application fields in dental care.


Dialysis is the preferred kidney treatment for an increasing number of patients all over the globe. Povidones have been used as Pore Formers in Dialyzers for many years. VIVAPHARM Povidone is available in different molecular weights.

We meet the highest quality standard according to your specific application requirements.



JRS Medic 

Product Selection Woundcare

JRS Medic 

Product categories

JRS Medic Function Overview

Leaflet JRS Medic Functionality Map

Brochure Alginates

“Dive in” and discover JRS PHARMA's
Sodium Alginate
Calcium Alginate
Alginic Acid
extracted from sustainable Brown Seaweed

Brochure MCG

Microcrystalline cellulose gel -
Biobased rheological top performance

Brochure Povidone

Excellent Solubility
High Binding Capacity
Ease of Handling

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Our competent technical experts provide you with customised solutions to meet your specific needs.
Our competent technical experts provide you with customised solutions to meet your specific needs.

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