Fiber Expertise – a Rich Source for Innovation
Fiber Expertise – a Rich Source for Innovation
published August 12th, 2021

Fiber Expertise – a Rich Source for Innovation

With the strong growing pet food market, manufacturers are looking for unique, marketable product features and differentiate marketing messages in branded and private label products. A rich source for product innovation is the manifold functionalities of plant based dietary fibers. On top of that it is in line with the need of the modern consumer who is looking around for vegetarian and sustainable alternatives.

Marketing statements

First of all, plant-based fibers allow pet manufacturers to make product claims such as less obesity, better metabolism, improved gut health, dental care and support of healthy diets for agile animals. This all could be used in marketing and product development to create competitive advantages.

Secondly, plant-based fibers are sustainable, which fulfil the consumer’s demand related to natural sourcing, sustainable life cycles and pet natural well-being.

Innovation by new techniques

The plant derived dietary fibers are allowing to use a wide variety of technical features, such as usability, health benefits and optical appearance of the food. In parallel the right fiber input could also lead to cost reduction or process optimisation.

The best fiber tools

To create these marketing claims and using the technical options the pet food manufacturer needs a toolbox. Specifically, a toolbox with a wide portfolio of specified dietary fibers, manufactured from cereal, cellulose, fruit, vegetable or sea related plants, following different functionalities, specifications, properties and applications.

To support new ideas, based on fiber solutions, JRS J. Rettenmaier&Söhne, Germany sets standards in application and raw material knowledge, operating 14 specialized dietary fiber plants in Europe and the USA. They have put into operation a new pilot plant and test centre for the pet food business, located at the headquarters in Rosenberg, Germany. Experienced pet food manufacturing professional and food technologists support in recipe development, product or process optimisation, pilot production and series conversion.

For more than 140 years, JRS has been refining the intelligent possibilities that nature offers. JRS is adapting to the circular economy in the best possible way, by choosing the raw materials carefully and reducing the CO² footprint more and more. For example with the new Biomass Power Plant that saves up to 13.000 tons CO² emissions in production.

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