20th European BSB Innovation Award
20th European BSB Innovation Award
published April 22nd, 2022

20th European BSB Innovation Award

The 3rd place for JRS Home & Personal Care with VITACEL® CS 5 Apple in sub-category II: Functionals

We are proud to be the 3rd winner in the sub-category II: Functionals!

The BSB European Innovation Award was awarded in 2021 for the twentieth time by the independent BSB – Beratungs- and Servicebüro Dr. Riedel.

The aims of the award are to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge and an alignment of a competition in a most objective, fair, independent and for the participating companies cost-free way. The origin of the products do not matter (e.g. big or small company, country, …)

VITACEL® CS 5 Apple is a fiber product made out of the by-product of the bio apple juice production. Among other applications it can be used due to its small particle size of 5 µm as a natural wrinkle-filler and it also has blurring and mattifying properties to create a so called soft-focus-effect.

VITACEL® CS 5 Apple is an upcycled ingredient of the apple pomace, a by-product of the bio apple juice production. Drying and grinding the bio apple pomace to an average particle size of 5 µm creates a unique skin feel which can also improve the skin feel of a whole formulation.

It was proven by studies that our apple fiber contains important ingredients that are particularly suitable for so-called pickering emulsions or with other words: Emulsions stabilized by particles. This function you can see at the created formulations.

VITACEL® CS 5 Apple can provide additionally to its texturizing properties a protection against free radical-mediated oxidative damage in skin. With this ingredient you can give your formulation an additional benefit, from which your skin benefits. This sets the product apart from the other products that have been used in Pickering Emulsion application since then. Recycled from by-products of the apple juice production, this ingredient is a good example of reducing waste for our circular economy.

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