JRS Rheology Solutions- Sensorial Properties of Natural Thickeners
JRS Rheology Solutions- Sensorial Properties of Natural Thickeners
published September 15th, 2021

JRS Rheology Solutions- Sensorial Properties of Natural Thickeners

The term rheology is distinctly different to viscosity in that it refers to more than just the “thickness” of a liquid.
Rheology encompasses a range a flow characteristics including “texture”. Texture really describes the sensorial properties of a particular thickener and the attributes it provides in the final formulation.

It is clear that, when evaluating, a finished product, the consumer uses a number of senses- firstly- Sight, followed, most likely, by Smell.
The third and, in most cases, likely final sense is Touch. The initial reaction to the feel of the product is very likely going to inform the users overall perception of it in an either positive or negative way.

It is extremely important to get the feel of the product right for a successful product launch. The increase in focus on sustainable products has led to a move away from synthetics thickeners towards more natural products. In some cases the sensorial properties of finished products have been compromised.

 JRS offer a wide range of natural thickeners and sensorial powders to help the formulator design sustainable products without compromising sensorial characteristics:

Wash products (Shampoos, Shower Gels, Hand Wash etc.)

Natural thickeners with good flow and suspending properties- especially good for difficult to thicken sulfate free formulations.

Oil in Water emulsions- Creams, Lotions, Hair Conditioners

Easy to process natural thickeners with good suspending properties for enhanced stability.
Sustainably sourced thickeners from brown seaweed- highly lubricious-excellent slip characteristics.
Cellulose derivatives to reduce stickiness and improve sensorial characteristics from light powdery to elegant cushion feel- ideal silicone and synthetic powder replacements.
Upcycled grades for powdery skin feel to reduce stickiness.
Upcycled emulsifying grades.


Starch based grades with excellent skin feel- cushion and silky smooth.
Highly lubricious and high thickening clear polymer- used at ultra low concentrations.
Sustainably sourced from brown seaweed- highly lubricious-excellent slip characteristics.

Bars- Shampoo, Cleansing

Sustainably sourced from brown seaweed-highly lubricious-excellent slip characteristics- prevents drag.

Powders- (Just add water technology)

Instant swelling grades- on addition of water to give enhanced sensorial characteristics- cushion and velvety smooth- big impact ingredient!

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